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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scents in the City

Traveling around New Orleans you encounter a variety of smells...

The most common are:
Horse Crap

However, we did encounter a few others and thought we needed to share. They are:

Lemon Pledge
Raspberry Jelly
Diesel Fuel
Gas From Oil Lamps
Night Jasmine
Black Licorice
Cajun Alligator Sausage smells like rubber gloves from a dentist

What Do You Think of My Coin Purse??

We embarked on a bit of mischief while on our trip to the FANTASTIC city of New Orleans.

The goal: count how many times you can use the words “coin purse” in a sentence. The sentence must make sense. You can't just go around saying coin purse!!

Tuesday September 15
Saff took an early lead with 18 uses of the words “coin purse” in a sentence. While Nova sucked balls with a lowly 9 uses.

Wednesday September 16
Nova upped her game on Wednesday and managed to tie Saff with a total of 15 uses of “coin purse”. Awesome!! TIED!

Thursday September 17 (Saff's bday!)
Wow what a day! Saff once again proved she is Mistress of the Coin Purse by coming in at a whopping 24 uses!! Nova wasn't too shabby and had a respectable 20 uses! Still Saff wins for the day!

Friday September 18 (day of exhaustion)
Nova gave up.. Saff had like 20 or something.. too tired to write.. keep track or think.
SAFF WINS! BONUS point to Saff for asking Nova to “Smell my coin purse” (it really did stink from the Dungeon the night before!!)

Saturday September 19 (return to Florida)
Nova has resigned from the coin purse competition in shame! Saff is just too good and too fast!

BAAALLLLIIINNNGGG!! Saffieren has earned the title: Mistress of the Coin Purse!


The Dungeon

HI everyone!

We thought we should give a little more information on what actually happened at The Dungeon.. well as far as we can remember. (disclaimer some must still be left out due to the puke factor)

We started out from our hotel using Nova's GPS on her cell phone. Which DOES NOT WORK well when you are walking on one way streets.. you will wander in circles until you are pissed off then just turn it off and look at a map!

Eventually we made our way to The Dungeon. It is a small door with a sign above it that has a hatchet on it. Nice classy place! As we went to the door Saff goes.. AKKK BACK UP! So I'm like errr okies.

Out comes a group of guys.. one being “gently escorted” by a HUGE security guard. When I say gently escorted I mean his hands are wrapped around to the back of his head and the security guard has him by the throat!!! The guy being kicked out has a huge red welt on his forehead. That is gonna hurt!!!

There was a bit of scuffling and some people fell on the ground.. but Saff and I were ok.. we did have to make a run into the street to avoid the ruckus at one point but we survived!
Ok so we actually start to go in.. you walk down a long creepy alleyway to a small court yard and enter the bar. We sat down and ordered beers. The we wandered about some.. we went upstairs to where the dance floor is and went to that bar. Nova ordered a Midnight Potion which is some kind of strong booze and grape kool-aid. YUMMMMMMM! The upstairs was not very crowded but still was not quite our cup of tea so we went back downstairs.

We sat at the end of the bar near the door and the security guard.. He was short and very strong.. Saff immediately started calling him Popeye! Well a few drinks,... some Cherry Bombs... some loud music.. and Saff has to use the ladies... So she goes down the hall and finds an old guy with a long beard.. who will now be called ZZ Top. He instructs her to go down a hall way.. and push the bookshelf. This hallway is all bookshelves, floor to ceiling and at the end you push a wall and it opens up into the restroom. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

There are no locks on the doors though.. which is why ZZ Top has to monitor the restroom situation. LOL!

Well after a bit more time passes.. ZZ Top says he is going home.. By this time Nova was ummm shall we say.... tipsy!? LOL Distraught at the thought of ZZ Top not being there to monitor the rest rooms she promptly asks Popeye exactly this: Excuse me. ZZ Top is going home. Who is going to watch the bathrooms?


Popeye said he would do it.. Whew Crisis Averted!

Ok so more Merry Making, drinking, eating Cherry Bombs.. a variety of people come and go.. here are some highlights:

Fall on the Floor Lady: She came in after we did and sat down next to Nova.. at some point she passed the F**k out and fell out of her chair onto the floor.. It was disturbing and HILARIOUS all at the same time!

Crazy Skeleton Hands Guy: Some guy wearing a funky had and gloves that has skeleton bones on them. He was in a band and gave us flyers for his show. After chatting it up with Nova at various times during the evening he said: “You can (removed explicit language) to my flyer if you want to.” ummmm ok.. right.. ya.. so.. how's the weather? LOL Crazy Skeleton Hands Guy.. he was so funny.

Silent Bob: Saff went to the restroom and some guy was near Nova.. seriously I can't remember talking to him or anything.. I knew I shook his hand.. but everything was getting fuzzy. Well he goes over and sits in Saff's seat! He doesn't speak.. just sits there.. And then she comes back and we are like staring at him and he is just sitting there with a smile on his face.. I know I said something about it being her birthday and he gave her a hug and wandered off.. Silent Bob.. weird-o!

Freak Show: We were sitting minding our own business.. singing, drinking having fun. Some tard that we now call Freak Show asked Nova if we were looking for guys. - I can't say what else happened here but he got the picture that we were not.. and left the bar in shame. ROFL

Popeye the doorman: He had a large monitor above his head that had mini screens of all the rooms at The Dungeon so he could watch for trouble. He stood there intently staring at them all night.. Nova tried on more than one occasion to distract him. LOL But he was not phased!! He was very good at his job and Nova told him so many many many many many times. LOLLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL “You are very good at your job Popeye” I'm sure he was like WHY THE HELL is she calling me Popeye!!! LOL

Anyway... a drunken night of merry making at The Dungeon! We met Popeye, ZZ Top, Crazy Skeleton Hands Guy, Fall on the Floor Lady, Silent Bob and Freak Show!

Good times!

The Dungeon RULES!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Prince Conti

Hi Everyone
We have made it safely home to S. Florida! Whoo hoo!

Now that no one can stalk us I thought I'd let you all know about where we stayed!

The Prince Conti hotel (pronounced Prince Cont-eye) located on Conti Street just off of Bourbon in the French Quarter.
This is a very nice little hotel that is a great price and even better service!

I just cannot say enough how much we enjoyed staying there. The hotel staff were very kind and helpful 24/7!

This is an old building.. as all buildings are in the French Quarter. There are long creepy hallways and the doors to the rooms have actual keys to get in. Not those new cards you just swipe.

The room we had was small but perfect. Two double beds a desk, TV, Chair and small bathroom. I would have liked the bathroom to be bigger.. but of course I would have.. I'M A GIRL! tee hee!

The bed was so comfy! When we managed time to sleep I zonked right out. I thought that this being an old building we would hear our neighbors.. and being right off of Bourbon Street I thought they might get loud.. but nope! The only time we heard people was when some tards decided to discuss (loudly) the aligator they had for dinner right outside our door. Other than that it was quiet as the grave!

The staff were always ready to answer any questions and arrange anything you needed.

Our last night at the hotel was the only time we had any kind of issue and it was FUNNY!
After a very very very long day of walking, riding street cars, more walking, a haunted walking tour, getting our fortunes read, getting pizza to go.. we stumbled back to our room around 11:30pm. Ready to eat, pack and zonk out.

However, when I put the key into the lock.. it didn't turn. I tried again. Nothing. I got Saff to get her key (out of her coin purse) and nothing. It wouldn't budge. hmmmm ok.
So I dropped my gear and left Saff in the hall and went back to the front desk.

Sitting not far from the front desk was "Cliff the Teddy Bear" (a doorman) and as I'm waiting for the lady and the guy behind the counter to finish their conversation Cliff yells out "PEANUT BUTTER!"

I say, I don't have any Peanut Butter right now but I can probably get you some tomorrow.
lol funnies ensue... blah blah blah... the lady sends Cliff with me upstairs to check to see if I was actually going to the correct door.. you see they are used to drunks from Bourbon Street going to the wrong room. But I wasn't drunk. After Saff's Bday I had sworn off drinking ... at least for a little while.

Well Cliff and I are in the elevator and he is going on about Peanut Butter and I said maybe someone put peanet butter in the lock.. he says maybe YOU put Peanut Butter in the lock... I said maybe YOU DID since you are the one who brought up Peanut Butter first! (it goes on like this the ENTIRE TIME back and forth about Peanut Butter in locks)

So Cliff the Teddy Bear as we now call him discovered I was not at the wrong door and that it was in fact broken! He called and had the night manager come up. They fiddled with the door some. Then Cliff the Teddy Bear said he was going to go get a crow bar out of his car and pry the door open.. he walks off... the manager touches the door and it opens.. magic!
I said: "Why do you have a crow bar in your car. Maybe you have Peanut Butter in there too!"
(more laughing)
Anyway so the door opened and they decided to put us in another room for the night. So Cliff the Teddy Bear goes and gets a cart and moves our stuff for us.

All in all.. The Prince Conti hotel is AWESOME! The staff is FANTASTIC.. and fun! I love it and will DEFINATELY stay there when I go again!

Stay tuned for more updates from our trip.. awards for the best and worst.. and answers to who won the "Coin Purse" contest!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Uhhhh change in plans! lol The tale of the Cherry Bomb!

Well Saff and I went to the Dungeon last night...
all I can say is... wow

Ok that place is like the goth industrial trash metal mecca of the universe!

We had a midnight potion.. it is some wicked strong booze mixed with grape coolaid.. I mean it's GRAPE! How can you not like that.. It was very tasty but strong.

And we started out drinking Guinness beer (yes we mixed beer with booz oiy)

as if that was not bad enough.. I saw on the bar a sign for a "cherry bomb" for only 75 cents.. So I'm like hmmm lets try one! So we ordered 1 each.

The bartender brought us a little cup with 2 cherries in it.. I was like.. uhhh ok w/e.
So I picked mine up.. smelled it.. it smelled like cherry.. so how bad can it be right?!!? So I pop it into my mouth and bite the cherry..

then the world went black and I was swimming in a lake of fire! lol

the only thing that you can do is say... HOLY SHIT over and over and over until you swallow it lol.

I asked the bartender what those cherries were soaked in.. she told me but I can't remember what she said.. I'm pretty sure it is gas... like for your car... j/k I think it is some sort of schnapps.. it was probably the strongest stuff we have had so far.

On a positive note: they are only 75 cents :) We lost count of how many we had.. I think it was around 7 or 8 each.

The downside: midnight potion + beer + cherry bombs = puke

The upside: we made it back to the hotel before the sun came up and before we had to hurl! AWESOME

BUT that necessitated a change in our plans for today.. because we had planned on getting up at 7am ... having some biegnets and going on a voodoo / cemetery walking tour.. lol ummm
ya ... so... no.

It is now 12:50 here and the tour started at 10:30 WHOOPS! oh well that was the only one we had not pre-paid for so w/e.

anyway so we are going to find food and recover ourselves. Our next walking tour starts at 8:30 tonight.. no more drinking for me.. I'm out!

(double hand clap)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happeeee Birfdaaaaaaaay Saff!!!

Happy Birfday to EWWWWEEEE!
Happy Biiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU OOOOOO!
Happy Birfday to you!

Today's theme: All about Saff!!
We started Saff's Bday celebration last nigh at The Erin Rose where 'Jeff the bartender' created the new awesome drink just for Saff's bday.

So after that adventure when we woke up this morning.. it WAS STILL SAFF'S BDAY! it was like a 2 day birthday extravaganza!!!

We went to Bubba Gumps for lunch.. sooooooooo yummie!!! The Mamma's Country Chicken is fan-freakin-tastic, as always! Because it was Saff's bday she got a free shot.. not just a shot.. a double shot. She got the very tasty "Red Headed Slut" lol

After lunch we went to Harrah's to gamble.. btw on your birthday at Harrah's you get a free spin on the birthday wheel.. Saff won $25 whooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!!

I started playing on a machine.. a penny one.. cause I'm cheap lol and I put in $20 and before I knew it I had won over $50 whoo hoo.. If you win money just take it an go.. right?
You gota blow all that and another $20! lol So I ended up spending $40 but had fun.
Saff ended up coming out $10 ahead which is awesome!

We were SO F'IN TIRED today... those walking tours yesterday took their toll.. I think we walked at least 10 miles.. so today walking was like this:
ow.. ow.. ow.. ow... ow.. ow
After we were done playing at Harrah's we took a cab.. to our hotel. which was less than a mile away... ROFL best $8 bucks we spent today! lol

However the cab driver dropped us on the corner of Bourbon and the street where our hotel is.. because there are a lot of one way streets.. and another life moment happened. Some guy gave us a little flyer for a Restaurant called Oceana right on the corner.
So we took the flyer and went and took naps.. which are awesome.

When we woke up we went to Oceana for dinner.. OK THAT PLACE IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
We had to try the Cajun Aligator Sausage :) yummm
Saff had a blackened chicken po-boy and I had Jambalaya.. tasty
Then for Saff's bday we had bananas foster ice creme cake.. WOW.. SO YUMMIES!!

now we are resting up.. we are going to THE DUNGEON to partay later! :D whooo hooo
See you all soon!


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